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By Anjali Arora

"Is tension affecting your life?

Understand stress

-Learn approximately rigidity busters

Assess your rigidity Levels

- enhance a tension coping strategy

Overwhelmed by means of the annoying events in existence, so much folks get disappointed or flustered. This impacts our way of life and personality.

Take inventory of your existence now. the way to examine your pressure degrees and the way to deal with it. This publication discusses the entire facets of counteracting pressure and provides a plethora of options so that you can destress.

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The serotonin cycle synchronises with the cycle of the sun. It regulates itself according to the daylight and darkness. Therefore, some people in colder countries who are less exposed to the sunlight often experience seasonal depression during the long, dark winter months where serotonin production and regulation becomes irregular. Noradrenaline is produced by your adrenal glands. Noradrenaline is related to the adrenaline released by your body in times of stress. It gives you a burst of energy and is also linked with your daily energy cycle.

This results in an imbalance leading to inefficient working of the immune system. So, keep stress within its limits. A lively spirit knows no bounds. A bound spirit has no life! Life is to live, so live to its best. Stress Depletes Nutrients from the Body The best thing is to target “your stress situation” with a nutrient attack. Vitamin/ Mineral Action Found in B1 Helps maintain nervous system. Helps in anaemia. May protect against heart disease. Milk, whole grains, eggs, pork B6 Boosts immune system.

Free Radicals “Every day, each cell in the body generates tens of thousands of free radicals, by-products of normal metabolism. They tend to undermine neighbouring molecules. Pollutants augment the process. Antioxidants, which can neutralise free radicals, are among the body’s mechanisms for stemming the damage”. Free radicals are a by-product of metabolism. Our body generates heat and energy and disposes off carbon dioxide. Free radicals are formed as a natural by-product of this process. Food + oxygen = CO2 + water + energy + free radicals A single free radical can produce reactions involving thousands of damaged molecules along with new free radicals, before the process burns itself out or is reactivated.

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