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By Patricia Telesco

ISBN-10: 1564144879

ISBN-13: 9781564144874

More and more, the magickal group is made of city-dwelling Witches, Pagans, and Neo-Pagans. How do those humans mix a typical philosophy with the concrete jungle? A Charmed lifestyles is a transformational publication that comes with spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and all demeanour of invaluable tricks for developing and retaining a fit, satisfied, and non secular setting.

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See if the movie inspires any questions. Bear in mind, however, that you have many negative stereotypes to overcome. Be patient with people. It took years for my family to totally understand my path, but now they support it fully. When you decide to enter into discussions with people about the Craft, there are some other good rules to follow that I’ve found very helpful especially for public speaking. ♦ Research. Plain and simple, know your history, know where magickal traditions come from, and know how they’ve changed.

Do I share my opinions in a beneficial manner? Especially in magick, there’s no need to prove rightness or wrongness, even if it’s tempting. Always try to share with wisdom, expressing convictions in a healthy manner rather than condemning or criticizing. By so doing you can generate a wonderful type of magick: understanding! ♦ Am I quick to accept other people’s opinions about my personal welfare? This is what I call the guru syndrome—you feel so unsure you’re tempted to accept input from nearly any source about what’s right for your life.

If you find times when you feel depressed or out of sorts for no reason, give yourself some magickal downtime. Just as a good physician washes up before seeing a patient, remember that you are your most important patient. Find a way to maintain your spiritual hygiene. You might try a magickal bath to which purifying herbs are added, such as pine, or smudging yourself with sage smoke regularly. These efforts—and other similar ones—will keep your aura free of residual energies that increase tension, hinder focused meditations, and deter free-flowing magick.

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