A Confession and Other Religious Writings - download pdf or read online

By Leo Tolstoy

ISBN-10: 110148828X

ISBN-13: 9781101488287

Tolstoy's passionate and iconoclastic writings—on problems with religion, immortality, freedom, violence, and morality—reflect his highbrow look for fact and a faith firmly grounded actually. the choice encompasses a Confession," "Religion and Morality," "What Is faith, and of What Does Its Essence Consist?," and "The legislation of affection and the legislation of Violence."

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Catherine made vague promises of support in the event of attack and extended imperial recognition to the Georgian nobility, a generous diplomatic gesture. The Persian shah, worried by the Russian threat, finally attacked King Erekle in 1795. No Russian troops materialized, in spite of Erekle's pleas for help and Catherine's earlier promises. The Georgian army fought valiantly but was overwhelmed by vastly superior numbers. Erekle's capital city, Tiflis, was overrun and sacked, thousands of his subjects dragged off into slavery or concubinage.

At dusk, Bennigsen felt confident enough to order a general attack. The French were overcome and forced to retreat. The Russians were keen to pursue the enemy, but the commander ordered Vorontsov and his other officers not to pursue them in the rain and the gathering darkness. The next day, with reports of Napoleon's regrouping, Bennigsen considered his position no longer tenable and ordered a withdrawal. 26 The battle of Pultusk thus enters the history books as inconclusive, no clear victory for either side, but therefore significant because it represented a stalemate in the Franco-Russian struggle.

9 Upbringing and Family Background I should be wanting in my responsibility as a father and as a friend (for I do regard you as such, in recognition of the character and the good sense that nature has bestowed upon you) if I did not give you some advice to guide you upon your arrival and during your stay in the country to which you are now headed. For it is entirely different from the one you are now leaving. Although the new reign has rendered our compatriots happier than they have ever been, and although, emerging from the most atrocious slavery, they imagine themselves to have become free, in point of fact things will only turn out as they have in those other countries that no longer know true liberty [that is, Napoleonic Europe].

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