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By Jayant V. Narlikar

ISBN-10: 8123700261

ISBN-13: 9788123700267

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Simon Napier-Bell is a legend within the track company. not just used to be he the executive of The Yardbirds, T Rex, Japan, and Wham! , and co-writer of the hit tune you do not have to assert you like Me yet he additionally wrote the most lauded books ever written approximately post-war British pop tune, Black Vinyl, White Powder.

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A brand new, hugely authoritative reference for all issues with regards to Asian Christian hymnody, this tome examines the hymns of Sound the Bamboo of their historic, cultural, and religious contexts of twenty-two international locations. famous hymnologist I-to Loh has amassed and assembled his stories and reports and that of many colleagues when it comes to the background and perform of hymnody in part of the realm that includes many cultures and nations, let alone non secular affects.

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A Journey Through the Heaven by Jayant V. Narlikar

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