A Revolution of the Spirit: Crisis of Value in Russia, by Bernice Glatzer-Rosenthal, Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak PDF

By Bernice Glatzer-Rosenthal, Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak

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ISBN-13: 9780823212866

The religious revival that's sweeping the Soviet Union at the present time had its genesis within the spiritual renaissance of the early twentieth century. In either situations, it was once lay intellectuals, upset with simplistic positivism and materialism, who tailored Russian orthodoxy to trendy lifestyles. Their rules reverberated, not just in faith and philosophy, yet in artwork, literature, portray, theater and picture. Banned through the Soviet govt in 1922, the writings of the spiritual renaissance have been rediscovered within the Brezhnev period through a brand new iteration of Soviet intellectuals disappointed with Marxism. Circulating from hand handy in unlawful typewritten variations (samizdat), they exerted an evergrowing impact on Soviet society, from the very most sensible right down to usual humans. lower than the hot coverage of glasnost, the govt itself is at present reprinting their works. the choices integrated during this quantity replicate the profundity and breadth in their idea and are provided in English for the 1st time. the popularity of the common desire and importance of religious values and beliefs united this another way heterogeneous team and bears witness to the variety in their method of the fundamental problems with the human . The centrality of those lay intellectuals' matters transcends the specifics of the historic scenario in early twentieth century Russia and makes their writings suitable to the common human . so as of visual appeal, the choices are: VLADIMIR SOLOVYOV, The Enemy from the East, The Russian nationwide perfect; NIKOLAI GROT, at the actual projects of Philosophy; SERGEI DIAGHILEV, complicated Questions; VASILLY V. ROZANOV, On Sweetest Jesus and the sour culmination of the realm; NIKOLAI BERDIAEV, Socialism as faith; SERGEI BULGAKOV, An pressing activity; VIACHISLAV IVANOV, obstacle of Individualism, GEORGII CHULKOV, On Mystical Anarchism; DMITRI S. MEREZHKOVSKY, Revolution and faith, The Jewish query As a Russian query; GEORGII FLOROVSKY, on the planet of Quests and Wanderings; PAVEL NOVGORODTSEV, The Essence of the Russian Orthodox recognition; PETR STRUVE, The Intelligentsia and the nationwide Face; ANDREI BELY, Revolution and tradition; ALEKSANDR BLOK, Catiline; EVGENY TRUBETSKOI, The Bolshevist Utopia and the spiritual circulation.

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S. Merezhkovsky's apocalypticism was particularly important for Vasily Kandinsky. A new magazine Vybor (Choice), conceived as a continuation and development of the tradition of Russian Christian thought of the early twentieth century, has recently been founded in the Soviet Union. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was readmitted to the Union of Soviet Writers in July 1989, and his book August 1914 has been scheduled for publication in the Soviet Union. Similar developments characterize the non-Russian population of the Soviet Union.

Most important, however, was that populism, the ideology of the intelligentsia since the 1860s, had lost its vitality. Not only had the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881 failed to trigger the expected mass uprising, but it galvanized the usually lethargic bureaucracy into hunting down suspected radicals; within a few years, leading radicals were either in jail or in exile, and when the journal Otechestvennye zapiski (Notes of the Fatherland) was closed in 1884, the nerve center of Russian radicalism was dead.

Transliteration follows the Library of Congress system except for the customary spelling of certain proper names. In the interests of clarity, all but a few essential footnotes have been omitted from the translated articles. Page 1 INTRODUCTION IN THE EARLY 1890s, a small but important group of artists and thinkers launched a frontal attack on the materialism, positivism, and rationalism that had dominated the Russian intelligentsia since the 1860s. Opposing Pisarev's dictum that boots are more important than Shakespeare, disillusioned with populist solutions to Russia's problems, and rebelling against the injunction that art must serve the people, a few artists and thinkers began, first independently and then in small groups of like-minded individuals, to search for new values and ideals.

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