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New PDF release: A Witch Like Me: The Spiritual Journeys of Today's Pagan

By Sirona Knight

ISBN-10: 1564145395

ISBN-13: 9781564145390

Deals not only one yet thirteen exciting own tales from brand new so much well-known witches. Compiled and edited by means of Sirona Knight, a practising witch and famous Pagan writer, this extraordinary ebook offers a lens into the interior international of witchcraft as 13 best Wiccan authors describe their non secular trips through particular interviews. those thirteen women and men, together with Patricia Telesco, AJ Drew, Ambrose Hawk, girl Sabrina, Skye Alexander, Gerina Dunwich and Dorothy Morrison, clarify how they got here to stroll down the Wiccan course, sharing their insights, emotions, innovations, in addition to describing their life-changing stories. all of them come from diversified backgrounds, stay in numerous elements of the area, and perform various different types of magick. This specific choice of non secular trips offers a close-up investigate the magickal global of witchcraft, which may end up in elevated information, empowerment, and a extra enriching lifestyles.

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The war between the sexes is part of an outdated mythology, not part of the new age that is dawning. Face it: Women and men can’t survive without one another. There is a built-in union. In many ways women and men seem the same, and in other ways, as Dr. John Gray puts it, they act as though they are from different planets—Venus and Mars, according to Dr. Gray. That is because feminine and masculine energies are polar opposites, in the same way hot and cold are. The merging 41 A Witch Like Me of these polarities into one is what Divinity is all about, particularly in terms of Wicca.

There was a flurry of letters between the two women and an embracing of each other’s lives. We somehow fell quickly into the deep and long-lasting sort of friendship it seems to take other folks years to develop. No matter what was wrong with one of us, the other 56 Dorothy Morrison seemed to have the answer. It was as if the Goddess had gifted me with Trish to supply a missing link I had previously been unaware of and, for that, I’ll always be grateful. Nowadays, Dorothy is grateful for a lot.

People throughout the land are proclaiming themselves Wiccans without regard to public pressures, including social and economical ostracism. Once again, people are showing the courage to stand up for their heartfelt beliefs. Face it: The times are changing, and change they will. We all know that things are not as they seem. Things do indeed go 49 A Witch Like Me bump in the night, most every night. There are people who have regular ET contact experiences—normal folks, maybe your sister or brother—or maybe even you.

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A Witch Like Me: The Spiritual Journeys of Today's Pagan Practitioners by Sirona Knight

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