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Connect probes. (see page 14) 2. Set up the channel. (see page 33) 3. Set the display mode. (see page 59) 4. Specify trigger. (see page 38) 5. Select the Run Repetitive button to start the acquisition. 6. Save particular waveforms to waveform memory. (see page 78) The data is automatically displayed in the oscilloscope window. You can also connect it to a display tool in order to correlate the oscilloscope with a logic analyzer. See Also “Combining the Oscilloscope with a Logic Analyzer” on page 35 “Probing” on page 14 “Channel Setup Window” on page 33 “Display Setup Window” on page 59 “Triggering” on page 38 “Using Waveform Memories” on page 78 Channel Setup Window To access the Channel Setup window, select the Setup...

Acquisition Memory to Display For lower time resolutions, these settings allow you to optimize the oscilloscope for greater detail or longer duration. All gives greater detail by sampling more frequently. Partial stretches the acquisition memory over a longer duration by slowing down the sample rate. 00 microsecond/division for a 16533A, or 500 nanoseconds/ division for a 16534A. Setup... The Setup... button opens the Display Setup window. This window contains the same controls under the Display tab, and also lets you change the graticule and waveform colors.

Once the slope is found, the oscilloscope will trigger when your waveform crosses the trigger level. 30 V. Pattern Use pattern mode for triggering on glitches or unusually long pulses, or for a trigger involving 2 channels. To Trigger on a Glitch 1. Select the Trigger... button. 2. Set the mode to Pattern and the sweep to Triggered. 44 Chapter 1: Agilent Technologies 16533/34A Digitizing Oscilloscope Triggering 3. Specify the glitch source by setting it to high or low. An X means the channel is not part of the pattern.

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