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The faces of the armature and the magnet assembly generally have very close tolerances to provide the maximum force to close the contacts and help ensure quiet operation. 4 Thermal Overload Relays A large portion of MCCs serve motor loads used in various plant systems. A majority of these motor loads have separate overload devices for protection of the individual molors I'rom currents in excess of the rated current. In general, there are two types of overcurrent conditions against which the MCC is designed to protect: electrical faults and overload currents.

AGING MANAGEMENT GUIDELINE FOR MOTOR CONTROl.. CENTERS covered by hinged doors and is adjacent to each vertical unit compartment. It provides space for control and load wiring from individual units to the horizontal wireway and outg,-,ing conduit or cable trays. This wireway can be common to the components on either side of the compartment or may service only a specific vertical line of compartments. The wireways are typically free of energized electrical equipment and are provided with cable tie straps for supporting wire bundles and cables.

The current drav,'n by the relay coil is within the rating of the temperature switch, and the relay contact has a rating adequate Ik)r the current drawn by the starter coil. 3-19 AGING MANAGEMENT (;UII)I_I,INI:,FOR MOTOR CONTROl, CI_NTERS Figure 3-10. __3 pt'tetse_ 50 HP ' I_-_ L3 Figure 3-11. I OL Relay Used for Current 3-20 _ mot{_J Motor Amplification. INI- I:OR MOTOR C()N'I'R()I. % IEM L3 50 HP Motor .... OL Figure 3-12. Relay Llsed in Voltage Interface. Figure 3-12 represents a voltage change for interfacing two different control voltages.

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