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By Kenneth Grant

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During this examine of Aleister Crowley's approach of sexual magic, Kenneth supply unearths the occult workings of the fireplace Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic energy that after woke up through magical potential assumes the shape that Crowley referred to as the Scarlet lady. furnish additionally describes a style of dream keep watch over that Crowley and others used to identify touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to organize themselves for the belief of actual cosmic cognizance.

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3 The complex web of nerve filarnents that convey the ojas to different parts of the body-such as the nipples of the breasts-to cause erection at the onset of intense sexual excitement. Kala; for when the woman becomes in actual fact the Goddess Fifteen she becomes oracular, a superhuman force capable of saving or, if the rite has been improperly performed, of blasting any person who approaches her. Hence the ferocious countenances of the dakinis (witch-queens) depicted on the Tibetan sacred banners.

O. instructions which involve the use of sex then becomes clear. The term Vama Marg, despite Sir John Woodroffe's precise explanations, still lies under a cloud of misrepresentation generated by emotional reactions to ideas alien to Western thought. 5 The Tantrics, especially those of the Kaula Sect, follow practices similar to those of certain African or Neo-African cults such as Voodoo and Obeah. But the assistance of women is not always implied, nor is it always used. A system of spiritual culture which includes the sexual use of the female and which establishes an exalted ideal of reverence for the female principle as the Shakti, or power-aspect of the cosmos, is not the product of psychopaths, unless we posit the existence of an unbroken line of delinquents extending over untold centuries.

0. Unless one be asked, one must not explain to anybody, nor must he answer a person who asks improperly; let the wise man, though he knows the answer, behave among men as if he were an idiot. Laws of Manut, II, 110 IN THE year 1912 a curious though characteristically Crowleian incident occurred. It arose from one of those misunderstandings that so often damaged Crowley's reputation through no fault of his own, but in this case the incident proved fortunate rather than otherwise. Unaware that he had published, in plain terms, the most cherished secret of an occult society known as the Ordo Templi Orientis he one day found himself confronted by the Head of that Order, Theodor Reuss, who asked him for an explanation.

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