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By D V Subba Rao

ISBN-10: 1578083931

ISBN-13: 9781578083930

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W. Right, F. L. Garrido and L. Clementson. 2004. Photosynthetic pigments in 37 species (65 strains) of Haptophyta; implications for oceanography and chemotaxonomy. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 270: 83-102. Dedication In friendship to Dr. George F. Humphrey, Australia and Dr. James E. Stewart, Canada, and to the memory of my parents Sastri and Seshamma Durvasula. W. W. Wright2 1 CSIRO Marine Research, GPO Box 1538, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001, Australia Australian Antarctic Division, and Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC, Channel Highway, Kingston, Tasmania 7050, Australia 2 Abstract Knowledge of pigment distributions across algal phyla has increased in the past decades due to the greater availability of uni-algal cultures and improved performance of pigment chromatography techniques.

Multiseries (Hasle). II. Continuous culture studies. Marine Ecology Progress Series 131: 235-243. V. H. Mann. 1996. Changes in domoic acid production and cellular chemical composition of the toxigenic diatom Psuedonitzschia multiseries under phosphate limitation. J. Phycology. 32: 371-381. Platt, T. V. Subba Rao. 1970. Primary production measurements on a natural bloom. J. Fish. Res. Bd. Canada 27: 887-889. G. 1997. Marine algal toxins: Biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. Limnol. Oceanogr.

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