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By Jeffrey A.

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Hence the desired result follows by (iii) and the proof is complete. 1) j J((t - s)x(s)ds, 0 where A is an n x n matrix and J((t) is an n x n continuous matrix on R +. 1) with the initial function 0. 2) x'(t) = Ax(t) + t to t0 o j J((t - s)x(s)ds + j J((t- s)(s)ds. 3) j Z(t-s)[J I<(s-a)

To prove (i), we set p =a - a 1 , where a 1 = Aa. 1, it follows that a S Aa. One shows similarly that /3 ~ A/3. 1, that A77 1 S A77 2 , proving (ii). It is therefore easy to see that we can define the sequences {an} and {/3n} with a 0 =a and /3 0 = /3 such that and conclude that on [0,27r], we have ao S al S .. · S an S /3n S .. 1). u$_,Bk-t on [0,211"]. Then, writing p=ak-u, we obtain p'$. 1, that ak $. u on [0,211"]. u$_,Bk on [0,211"). $. u $. Bn on [O, 211"] for all n, and hence p $. u $. 1).

8) v(t0 ) = x0 , t where B(t) = A(t)- L(t, t) and H(t) = F(t) + J L(t,s)F(s)ds. 7) existing on [t0 ,oo). (t,s)u(s) + L(t,s)u'(s). (t, s) + L(t, s)A(s)]u(s)ds. (t,s) + L(t,s)A(s) + j L(t,u)I<(u,s)du}(s)ds + H(t)-F(t) ~ 8 t = - j I<(t,s)u(s)ds + H(t)- F(t) to = - u'(t) + A(t)u(t) + H(t). 8). 8) existing on [t0 ,oo). 7). 6) together with Fubini's theorem, we get z(t) ~ -[L(t, t)v( t) + i, L( t, t0 )x0 - J L(t,s)[A(s)v(s)+F(s)+ to L,( t, s )v(s) ds] j K(s,u)v(u)du]ds. to Since (d/ds)[L(t,s)v(s)] = Ls(t,s)v(s) + L(t,s)v'(s), we have, by integration, t L(t, t)v(t)- L(t, t 0 )x0 = j [Ls(t,x)v(s) + L(t,s)v'(s)]ds.

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